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Mom's Favorite Family Recipes

Mom's Favorite Family Recipes
Mom's Favorite Family Recipes
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 They cooked all kinds of great dishes for their families. Many of the recipes they used were handed down from other family members and some came from old cookbooks. When I would ask for one of the recipes that I remembered from my childhood, many times my Mom would reach in a kitchen drawer and pull out an old piece of yellowed paper that she had written the recipe on many years ago. I decided that these recipes needed to be preserved for my children and theirs.

I typed up all the recipes on my computer and when I was done I thought..wow, this would be a great collection to share with others. That is why I have put together Mom's Favorite Family Recipes.

This is a collection of 190 categorized recipes handed down through my family and provided to you in an easy to use and instantly downloadable PDF eBook.

Just take a look at the recipes included in this collection:

- Beef: Baked Steak & Onion
- Beef: Beef & Pasta Bake
- Beef: Beef & Tomato Curry
- Dips: Mexican Dip
- Dips: Spinach Kibble Loaf
- Eggs: 40 Second Omelette
- Eggs: Chinese Omelettes
- Lamb: Satay-Style Sauce with Lamb Skewers
- Lamb: Spicy Tomato Lamb
- Noodles: Chili Noodles
- Noodles: Nifty Noodles
- Pasta: Cheese & Spinach Pasta
- Pasta: Cheesy Noodle Bake
- Pickles: Green Tomato Pickles
- Pickles: Ripe Tomato Relish
- Pork: Cheese & Bacon Puffs
- Pork: Fillet of Pork with Mustard Cream
- Quiches: Vegetable Quiche
- Rice: Fried Rice
- Rice: Marie's Rice
- Salads: Banana Salad
- Salads: BBQ Rice Salad
- Salads: Bean Salad
- Sauces: Sour Cream
- Sauces: Steak Diane Sauce
- Sauces: Sweet & Sour Sauce
- Seafood: Cajun Baked Fish
- Seafood: Cocktail Sauce for Prawn Cocktail
- And Lots More...

These are recipes that my family loved and I am sure your family will love as well.

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