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Add Raw For 30+ Recipes Now

Add Raw For 30+ Recipes Now
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The recipes in this book are small tools you can use each day to continuously build the discipline of putting in the good stuff and giving your body the extra nutrients it often needs. The idea nutritional therapy as recommended most nutritional therapist.

Most people think adding raw food to the table means adding a plain old salad with dressing. In a nutshell, these recipes are more than that. These recipes arise out of the inspiration to create healthy food that captures all the senses and maximizes nutrient density, all in one plate or glass. Mostly though, these recipes strategically intertwine nutrition, taste and texture  to deliver more than a salad or more than a dressing because sometimes you have to feed your cells better stuff.

This book  is for those  who want more. More recipes. More time. More convenient ways to prepare healthy food. More ideas for dinner parties, holidays and plain old dinner and more ways to reduce food waste.

This book is for EVERY type of eater, so it doesn't matter if you're an omnivore, vegetarian or raw foodie. Take advantage of the season's harvest and enjoy fresh, healthy and nutritious raw food soups, salads, sides, marinades and of course, juices and smoothies at least once a day! I hope you enjoy the flavors and recipes included in this book.

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